The field of geotechnical engineering or engineering geology includes activities such as site investigations and foundation assessments. We offer geological engineering investigations and assessments for civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, road and railway construction, and underground construction. Our services also encompass stability calculations for structures and slopes in both loose and hard rock formations. We utilize powerful specialized software for all calculations, analyses, and visualizations.

We can act as external overseers for landfill construction, perform suitability tests for mineral construction materials and sealing compounds.


Key Service Areas:

  • Site investigation and foundation assessment
  • Suitability testing of mineral and sealing construction materials, e.g., for landfill construction
  • Design and calculation of excavation support systems and drainage
  • Construction management and supervision of special foundations
  • Stability assessment of slopes and embankments
  • Recommendation analyses for slope stabilizations
  • Stability investigations of underground cavities
  • Numerical analyses
  • Geotechnical monitoring of tunnel excavations and mining facilities
  • Project management for landfill security measures
  • General construction and project supervision, as well as quality control in earthworks according to RAP-Stra
  • Preparation of construction documentation


Furthermore, we offer the following services:

  • Construction supervision and documentation
  • Degree of compaction verification and inspection
  • Quality control and construction management in earthworks
  • Acceptance of excavations
  • Plate load tests, static or with a lightweight falling weight deflectometer


Through our in-house soil mechanics laboratory, we ensure fast and high-quality determination of required parameters.

Furthermore, TERRA MONTAN® is recognized as a testing laboratory. We possess the competence to carry out the following services:

  • Sampling of soil, waste, and other materials according to LAGA PN 98 for the classification of recycling according to the Replacement Construction Material Ordinance (EBV)
  • Geotechnical field and laboratory investigations on loose and hard rocks as a basis for testing geotechnical safety and quality in open-pit mining, earthworks, and foundation construction
  • Testing procedures for the incorporation of mineral construction materials in landfill sealing systems
  • Contaminated sites investigations.