The range of services in the field of geology is diverse.

In the area of economic geology, we conduct exploration work and planning for the development of new deposits or the expansion of existing mining sites. Our geologists carry out engineering geological mapping, assessments, and measurements as per specific requirements.


Economic Geology:

  • Prospecting and exploration of deposits
  • Determination of the commercial value of deposits
  • Assessment of the formation and suitability of mineral resources
  • Environmentally sustainable use of mineral resources


  • Identification of groundwater reserves
  • Groundwater protection
  • Infiltration measurements and assessments
  • Groundwater development

Engineering Geology:

  • Engineering geological mapping
  • Identification of subsurface weaknesses
  • Evaluation of leaching and karst phenomena
  • Identification of factors favoring landslides
  • Cavity exploration

These are just a few examples of the services we offer in the field of geology. Our team of geologists is equipped to handle a wide range of geological tasks, ensuring comprehensive assessments and solutions tailored to specific project requirements.