Since the establishment of the company, one of our main tasks has been to support quarry operators for industrial minerals (stone and earth sector).

In addition to primary and special operating plans for the short-term implementation of extraction work, we have successfully completed numerous mining approval procedures in recent years by preparing comprehensive operational plans with a minimum approval horizon of 20 years. We offer a complex and customized package tailored to your project, including the necessary specialized assessments. If needed, we will also involve other planning offices to fully meet your requirements.

As part of the reclamation process, we can also prepare project documentation for the storage of materials as a reclamation measure. Subsequent monitoring is not a hurdle for us.

Over the past years, we have also been entrusted with conducting investigations on legacy sites, old industrial locations, and former mining sites. This involves crucial tasks and challenges such as damage analysis, project planning, project implementation or supervision, as well as securing the sites.