The chemical and physical laboratory analysis of the environmental situation is nowadays an important requirement in many areas of the construction industry. A thorough analysis of the initial conditions enables the development of potential courses of action. With our soil mechanics laboratory, we ensure fast and high-quality determination of the required parameters. In our in-house laboratory, various analytical laboratory tests can be conducted on water and soil samples, depending on the task at hand.

  • Determination of water content (DIN EN ISO 17892-1 and DIN 18121-2)
  • Density determination (DIN EN ISO 17892-2)
  • Grain size distribution (DIN EN ISO 17892-4)
  • Consistency testing (DIN EN ISO 17892-12)
  • Determination of water absorption capacity (DIN 18132)
  • Proctor tests with d = 100 mm to 250 mm (DIN 18127)
  • Determination of organic components (DIN 18128)
  • Determination of lime content according to Scheibler (DIN 18129)
  • Grain density determination (DIN EN ISO 17892-3)
  • Shear tests (DIN 17892-10)
  • Permeability testing (DIN EN ISO 17892-11)
  • Uniaxial compressive strength testing (DIN EN ISO 17892-7)
  • Permeability testing (DIN EN ISO 17892-11)
  • Performance of compression tests (DIN EN ISO 17892-5)
  • Building chemistry analyses¬† (DIN 4030)


The scope of our accreditation includes:

1) Sampling and sample preparation of soil and waste; Specialist modules on waste as well as soil and contaminated site
2) mechanical-technological tests of soil mechanics and geotechnics


For analyses that we cannot perform ourselves, we collaborate with regional companies with whom we have been successfully working together for many years.