Nature and Landscape Conservation

Floristic Analyses
- Mapping of plant species (forest and open land)
- Analysis of species distribution, abundance (plant sociological analyses)

Faunistic Analyses
- Qualitative and quantitative assessment of animals
- Analysis of species distribution and abundance
- Mapping of breeding birds
- Schutzgebietsgutachten
- FFH Verträglichkeit
- Biotopentwicklungs- und Pflegekonzepte
- Gewässerstrukturgüte

- Mapping of biotopes according to federal and regional classifications
- Stereoscopic analysis of CIR - aerial images and digital image processing

Expertise on
- Environmental protection of habitats and ecosystems
- Limnology
- Special issues related to landscape ecology
- Effectiveness of measures for nature and landscape protection
- Bio monitoring

Planning and Services
- Environmental risk and impact assessment
- Landscape conservation and protection plans
- Balancing environmental impacts
- Planting and open space planning
- Landscape plans and projects
- Development and maintenance of biotopes
- Object planning and on-site management